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Since 1993, Holographyx Inc. has been adding value to packaging, labeling, marketing, lottery, and promotional materials with the use of state-of-the-art holography.

Holographyx Inc. is a full service company that works across the whole spectrum of holographic materials. Our primary focus is to define and implement the most efficient and effective holographic materials and processes to meet our clients’ needs and budgets. We coordinate the entire holographic process from concept through design and finished production, while always striving to ensure on-time delivery and maintaining the highest level of quality standards.

About Us
Holographyx Inc. was founded in response to the growth of marketing opportunities for holography in the consumer product marketplace. Prior to this time, holographic production processes did not have the efficiencies to cost justify most mass market holographic applications. The founders of Holographyx Inc. recognized the need for a organization that would provide services covering the full range of holographic materials, rather than just the specialized holographic substrates provided by most suppliers. Their focus was to oversee each project to ensure quality implementation from concept through completion. Holographyx Inc. has extensive expertise in the areas of holographic and metallized substrates as well as lenticular materials. Its services encompass the development and implementation of holographic promotional concepts and designs that cost effectively utilize the wide range of holographic, lenticular, and metallized materials currently available. Holographyx Inc. products provide superior performance in virtually all end-user applications as a result of their uncompromising level of quality assurance.